The point is…..

Everyone thinks that the other is wrong standing before them, arguing about something. We have established a point that everyone is wrong and what we have in mind is right. The point is that the point is different for everyone and the mind also scrolls to different paradigms and different roads, at different situations. We all have the consistency to enter few things in ourselves and exclude a couple of things as well. The need is just to understand the other one. It is not necessary that the point is right or not, the point is yours, so the judgment should be different about everyone.

For me, a person is mature when he or she has the ability to swallow whatsoever comes in the way. Opinion-making is easy, justification is difficult. Suggestions are easy to propose, understanding the situation is difficult. People make fun of opinions they got in their way to deal with. The thing necessary is to see the things through other’s eyes. Put their shoes ON and try to walk for a few seconds. Feel the way the other one feels. Examining other’s point of views will increase and broaden our own mind as well and perhaps make a good way to go and sometimes Let Go Of things as well.