Being Educated and Not

Everyone talks about the benefits of education. You must have heard it alot of times. You must have also heard abour the demerits of education as well. People are different, if you are with 6 people in a room, that means there are 7 different, difficult, free, politically enhanced or not at all, kind of minds in there. There is a world around you who feel that EDUCATION is more dangerous than beneficial actually. It could be anyone, Men. Women, Third Gender, Dogs and Elders as well. Sorry to add Elders after dogs. its just you cant handle your own shit and then their are people who are Elders. So Frustrating. Well, back to purpose-EDUCATION- There is a benefit of being un-educated or Low on education that you would never be in a situation where your education would be questioned in any way. Yes, there is also a benefit of being educated and a graduate or post graduate degree holder, that you would never put someone in a situation where the other feels low on education and a lack of degree in their academic file. May be not a big one, but it is a difference my dear fellow webbies. Yeah, I got you a name- WEBBIES, my web friends and fellows.

Stay Blessed, Stay Clean, Stay Safe, Stay Mean.

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