New Years

For everyone out there, definitely, new years are always different for you. For some the last year was very exciting and full of enthusiasm, for some, the last year was sad and sorrowful. For me, it was a mixture of different events, good and bad, pleasurable and cringy, and some events I didn’t expect to happen to me.

Everyone makes resolutions for new years that they will not do things which delimits them and will do the extra which was always needed. I was frustrated in the year 2017, most of the people in my surrounding were just a piece of pain for me and you know the time when people do it on purpose but I never forget. In the year 2018, my first resolution is to CELEBRATE MY PAIN. It has different methods, cherish it or let go of it if it feels right to you. Letting go of what annoys you is difficult to some extent as you feel problem in forgetting things. Then I found a solution that why to forget things if they come upon again and again?

You should cherish the love of your pain, your longings, desires and holes which never got a chance to fill. You can fill those holes with you bright thoughts you know. happy-new-year_650x400_71514533240

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