Rapist if you think…

Rape. Rapists, quite the controversial concepts in the societies. I will enhance my side of the east, India Pakistan, are top ones who show the content like this, maybe not every day but that happens in the system every day. Now you will be thinking how this girl knows that this is happening every day. The word meaning or dictionary meaning of rape says when someone tries to manipulate any person, for sexual intercourse specifically, without their consent and will. Legit it is but I have an objection. That’s what a sane or insane mind like me can do. So all of you out there, you think that is rape when it is done to any gender, yes you know that today not only women, but men also came in the circle of getting sexually molested by men or indirectly by women as well.

I DO NOT THINK LIKE THAT. For me, all the definitions of rape or rapists should have extensions now. The matter should be elaborated with all his sub grounds. It is a matter of few seconds that a person can rape the other one, it is in the eyes. It is in the words you utter for someone. Rape is your thinking you establish for someone- your ex, your man, your girl. Raping someone is when you insult someone in gatherings sensually, sexually, improperly, snatching the decency of a person just because you have something with that. That is exact RAPE.

So, all men, all bloody women out there, do you think you are not rapists? do you think you are that important 2BHK personality who can talk about anyone, anyway, anytime, in any manner you want? You are all wrong. Wearing white, looking bright, being beautiful oh you are actually beautiful-right, this all hides your real being of nothing just a rapist. It’s good for you. You live through that-definitely good for you. How can you have a life without not raping other girls or boys? it’s not possible right… May God have some mercy for you, people like me are a bit selfish, we are not the ones for. we will get the one we deserved, you will have the one like you.. Mirror is the only thing that will stop your rape 🙂

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