Action’s Reaction

So I was talking to some expert kind of man, and the world of words reach the law of Newton or someone if I am right that every action has its reaction. The types of action, we cannot count in this world due to the categories a person has and tries his or her way to enhance the world negatively or positively. Your foul actions, if you think are not going anywhere, YOU ARE WRONG. If you think they are not getting recorded then that’s also incorrect. For not being ill to anyone, for not spoiling anyone’s life ever, for controlling your tongue in tough situations_you will be rewarded once in your life. It’s the same as we do something bad and we get something in return. Yes, its a matter of belief may be you don’t think I’m right. But I experienced it and I’ve seen it, If you are not wrong, you will not get anyone wrong in your life. Whoever comes in your way has something to do with you and leave an impact in your life. Our intentions perform the task in this matter. If you are a genuine person inside, your partner, your meetings will be genuine. Your time will not be wasted. So the right one brings the righteous and the wrong one spoiled the whole tempo of life. But you shouldn’t be fearing the wrong DONT YOU KNOW THAT HE OR SHE IS WRONG? YES… THAT’s THE BEAUTY OF ACTION WHICH BRINGS THE REAL REACTION IN RETURN.2fdd279ba51502ea0bd72623fc66c468--sweet-quotes-sayings-and-quotes

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