Aromatic Beverage

Heard this phrase for the most famous drink taken at different times in a day in different countries called “TEA”. So if you think it’s a lame or a normal thing to have tea as anyone can make it and anyone can make it better than the other one then I’m here to prove you a little wrong.

The TEA information

I would love to enlighten all of you about a little info which you cannot google or maybe that deep things are not available and the thing is TEA is considered the mate of a perfect house. People like to be guests of those homes which are famous to prepare good cups and ample quantity of tea and seriously I’m not joking. The timing for TEA is fixed in some houses as for one, two or three times a day as in breakfast, Afternoon and in evening. As for me, there is no time and why not I will definitely explain it further. Second information is that TEA is not just a local thing now, the highest paid amount for a cup of tea crosses 500-1000 Rs now which is 5-10 US dollars. So it starts from a few cents and reaches up to dollars. And the other things include as it is used to lose weight now, for a refreshing mind, for a good start to a day and much more. The other thing is the types of tea we are having now as Cardamom tea, plain tea, masala tea, less sugar more tea (Cheeni rok k patti thok k – phrase used in my country), Ginger tea and more and more TEA.

Sensation for me

In words, I cannot explain my love for this aromatic beverage. My intake of TEA is 3-4 cups in summer and 8-9 cups in winter and we don’t use a random cup for tea in homes, its actually look like a mocha mug. It feels the cure to all my griefs and pains. It senses my feelings the way I want someone to understand me. The aroma, when it reaches your nostrils, you will definitely want to have it. The thing is its a part of our fun and alone life one at the same time. Fun after meeting school buddies, loneliness when there is no one around and you are alone with your thoughts and someone special or very gross in thoughts pulling the strings of your mind. So, TEA is there to accompany you, Sire! Aye Aye TEA!


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