You choose to be used

We all have a line of experiences, good, bad, phenomenal or lame. If it feels that everyone is just very good and loving towards you then you definitely don’t know some bitter realities which are behind you-exactly on your back. I have experiences of being used as well. The funny part is it will be phenomenal if the users are watching. You should let people watch. The masterpiece they have left on this earth is worth watching and worth appreciating from every side.

So the thing of discussion was getting used or let people use you. The worst for any human being is to be used for the sake of love or friendship. Time has a limit to change and transfer. The transfer seems new word for the time but it does suits. Sometimes you just had a bad patch but sometimes you need to do some scratching by yourself. Falling in love feels a blessing but you have to see if only YOU are falling. Sometimes falling after your time changed pains a lot. Time always give you penalties to accept, and that is to change ON TIME. The successful one is the only one who accepts change. I have loved people, I’ve been used in the name of love but you have to accept change. You have to leave the shit and start doing shit of your own self seriously haha. So do shit, but don’t share it. 😉


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