Survival is a subjective matter for people of different category and character. For some survival is just food, for some it’s love, parents, spouse, addiction (including every bit of it whether it is intimation, drug or sex) and work as well. But some souls only want to survive capturing other’s happiness because that’s what makes sense to them. So why am I talking about it? For the past few years, the list of my likes and dislikes shuffle a lot. And watching crime based media became my love past time.

Tweeted about it earlier, I was synthesizing my favorite crime series CRIME PATROL hosted by Anup Soni who explored the hub of India, targeted Mumbai first, and then the whole series is working since 2003. So what happens while I can guarantee that I have watched almost 100 episodes of this crime series, it triggers me that the fight is throughout for Survival. And it comes in chunks towards a human beings’ mind. Love, love turned breakup, break up to hate, hate to death, circulates like that somehow.

The most famous factor that leads to any crime is Money. I call it a big bloody shit as everyone needs but everyone can’t get it so they grab it and in the way whoever hurdled, goodbye to that person from the face of the earth. Extramarital affairs, child abuse, sex to get money addiction, even I saw a story based on a young girl’s murder which was committed by her very own mother because she was a foul, disobeyed child. Another episode was about a daughter who killed her loving step-parents just to be with her boyfriend because that boyfriend boy loved her the way most of the boys love every virgin girl, seriously. So she survived after killing them, really. Last week, it was a story of two lesbians, and one was killed by the mother of the other. Holy mother of some…what to say. It definitely depends the choice of a person as well, admit, but the one doing some wrong feels right to him or her for the sake of Survival. Is it ok to say for the sake of Survival? it feels right to me really.

The fighting starts and definitely in crime play, people have to lose their lives. But is it correct to justify that its fair to do whatever you want just to survive in this world and making it a death crime hub? Every episode of the series ends to justice, as the killer caught and put into dark dungeons but the innocent didn’t survive, That person actually died right.

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