I think differently about grief. People or random people forget it, treat it with a secondary post in their life. Anything or anyone filled your heart with fear or grief, uncomfortable events, broken trust, cheap comments or opinions, anything around this world which possibly can hurt you, YOU NEVER FORGET IT. The day, the box opens up, it will have the same smell, same pinching effect, OH YES! PINCHING EFFECT. That’s the beauty of grief, that’s the special property it has to tease you even after so many years or a few months or days. And if you got the ability to

IMG_0279 forget it, if you can scratch it from the walls of your heart and mind, then who so ever entered your life with the utmost sparkle, is THE ONE for you.

At night, when your heart is bright, you are alone in rain, they all will come back like old friends, to tease you again, to kiss your cheeks tickle your toes, and you will say, oh that started again. Again the heart broke, again the disappointment, again & again, what the people have thought, and you had to face it. did you get what I tried to say? It was very clear to me.


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